Training Models


Train My Teacher provides customized face-to-face on-site and online training for your administrators, teachers, support staff and students. We customize a training solution to meet the needs of each individual school district. 
Customized On-site Hands-On Training
Our team of experienced trainers can provide face to face training sessions on a variety of technology related topics.  These hands on sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of your administrators, teachers or technical staff.  Our trainers present, coach, mentor, consult and answer questions.  Participants are guided through a variety of interactive skills.

Customized Online Interactive Training
We offer a variety of online courses that focus on different skills, concepts, professional book talks and specific applications.  Our online courses can be access from any desktop, laptop or mobile computing device.  Courses may be designed as a hybrid, meaning a mixture of face to face and online sessions, online via discussion forums or they may include video conferencing and real time sharing of information. Online courses are an excellent follow-up to our on-site training sessions to support your staff in continued usage of the skills acquired during the face to face session.

Online Just In Time Training
We can provide a variety of different type of resources for your district. In addition to face-to-face trainings and online courses we can also provide self-paced courses as well as a customized  tutorials that can be password protected and accessed by your staff.  Each tutorial demonstrates the use of a specific feature or tool. This 24x7 accessibility and modular approach to training content gives your faculty and students an excellent “just-in-time” resource

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