Company Profile


Company Profile

Train My Teacher is a full service technology training and consulting MWBE certified company specializing in a variety of roles in school systems of the 21st century.  Train My Teacher is your one-stop-shop for project planning, support and professional development.  We provide districts with the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and skills in order to lead, support and manage their districts' technology systems. We focus on utilizing the tools necessary to infuse curriculum by facilitating teacher and administrator learning through effective technology integration.

Train My Teacher empowers teachers and administrators by providing a proficient understanding of the types of technologies available and how to implement those technologies which ensures overall improvement and measurable growth in student achievement through active engagement.  We develop exciting opportunities for administrators, teachers and students which engage, motivate, and inspire them to use technology in meaningful ways and apply newly acquired skills to real-world applications. Train My Teacher works with school administrators, teachers and technology staff to provide them with a toolkit for effective instructional leadership, strategies for integrating 21st century skills, successfully meeting common core standards, and managing daily activities.

Train My Teacher strongly believes that a one size fits all approach is not conducive as an effective staff development model.  We specialize in assisting school districts in determining what they need, in developing a plan of action, and creating customized professional development solutions to meet the needs of the individual school district.  We assist and mentor your team in learning new skills and applying these skills so that the knowledge gained is extended and followed through successfully.  Our interactive workshops provide practical, hands on, engaging experiences which excite and motivate both administrators and teachers.  We provide your team with a better understanding of technology integration and tangible skills which they can begin to implement immediately.  Educators make a life-long commitment to continue learning and utilizing the most effective strategies, theories and tools to enhance student learning.  Train My Teacher provides the tools necessary to achieve these commitments and a vision for future enhancements.   

It is our goal to provide districts with an understanding of how to embrace technology and to harness its power to maximize your return on investment.  We provide school districts with high quality staff development and ongoing support to assist both administrators and educators in the integration of technology.  Train My teacher does this through a variety of  different models such as mentoring, face-to-face, hybrid, and fully web based training opportunities which leverage the expertise within various technologies. Our training includes, but is not limited to, step by step instructions, video tutorials and sample courses.  Over the years Train My Teacher has hosted a number of collaborative projects between districts both local and national, elementary, secondary and college level.  

We welcome the opportunity to assist your team in designing high quality, innovative integrations.
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